What is a life worth?

How do we measure such a thing? Is it financial, the usual western method of valuing someone’s accomplishments? Is a life measurable by what is obtained? Perhaps we should measure by the position one ascends to in life, by what is attained instead of what is obtained? Or is there simply value to every little moment in a life? Could it be that simple? As I grow older, I begin to hope and believe the latter.

Perhaps that is why documentary photography is my main area of interest. I search for the little moments that mean something in the noisy existence around us. Two of my online friends, Sean (S.L.) Brown and April Emerson promote a movement based on one of Sean’s messages entitled LETME, which stands for Live Every Tiny Moment Exceptionally. Those are the moments I enjoy photographing, the tiny moments which pass in the blink of an eye and are easily overlooked, but contribute so much to our overall lives and meaning.

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I’ve always admired the greats in their fields, whether it be photography, music, writing, science, engineering…but the parts of their influence I find in myself changes over time.

The older I become, the more I realize I have yet to learn. Today I start new with this site, these images, these thoughts. I have no preconception of its direction or ultimate fate, no grand plan, no outline of any goal beyond sharing this journey with any and all who wish to come along.

The legendary documentary photographer W. Eugene Smith famously stated, “…I have tried to let truth be my prejudice.” I believe in the ability of art to speak truth no matter the form. So if we must begin, I shall begin with that.

-MO, 26 June 2019